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Seven Stories Press: Where Did Where Do They Go? Come From?, by Julia Alvarez, 16 November 2016

WCAX: Vt. author's book addresses kids' questions about death, by Eva McKend, 30 September 2016 (video)

The Lightning Notes: Julia Alvarez On A Windy, Sunlit Day In Vermont, by Caitie Whelan, 30 June 2016

BookWeb: Julia Alvarez to Speak at Children's Institute on Discovering Reading and Writing, by Sydney Jarrard, 4 May 2016

Vivala: Why Julia Alvarez's Classic Novel Still Resonates With Today's Latinas, by Amaris Castillo, 1 February 2016

Miami Herald: Heal the wounds of Hispaniola, op-ed by Julia Alvarez, 19 December 2015

New York Times: Driving the Seam of Hispaniola by Julia Alvarez, 28 November 2014


Be sure to look through my ñapas!

Find out about Border of Lights, an annual vigil at the border between Haiti and Dominican Republic to commemorate the anniversary of the Haitian Massacre.

Tía Lola Blog Tour 2010:
Why Tía Lola and I Love Sayings
How Tía Lola Cooks Her Beans the Dominican Way
How Tía Lola Makes Rice the Dominican Way
What Do I Do When I'm Not Writing? part one
What Do I Do When I'm Not Writing? part two
A Typical Writing Day
Introducing (some of) My Tías

Interviews Around the Web

Interview on VPR's Morning Edition: Julia Alvarez Writes And Fights For Migrant Justice (listen).

PBS: Latino Americans Interview with Julia Alvarez (video)

MSN Latinzine Magazine: Interview with Julia Alvarez

VIDEO interview with F. Scott Fitzgerald Award

Atlantic Unbound: In the Name of the Homeland

Days of Yore interview

Salon: How the Alvarez Girl Found her Magic

La Bloga interview

Slice Magazine, Issue 10, page 13


Book Interviews

Author Interviews about A Wedding in Haiti
Shelf Awareness: The Organic Process
Write the Book
Tell Me More: Haiti: 'The Sister I Hardly Knew'
Interview with Dan Skinner of Texas Public Radio
NPR: A Wedding In Haiti: Making Good On A Promise

Author Interviews about Once Upon a Quinceañera
Salon: Ultimate Fiesta
Interview on City RoomTM
Interview at
Interview on La Bloga
Video Interview with LatinaLista

Author Interviews about RETURN TO SENDER:
listen on KUER,
listen on Vermont Public Radio
& read at BookPage.

Author Interviews about Saving the World:
Identity Theory
Powell's Books website
Nancy Pearl's Book Lust program for Seattle Channel

NEA Podcast, 2 September 2010: Julia Alvarez speaks about writing In the Time of the Butterflies.

More in Print & Online

New York Times: Driving the Seam of Hispaniola by Julia Alvarez, 28 November 2014

"Finding a Balance: A Profile of Julia Alvarez," The Bloomsbury Review, Vol 28/Issue 6, Nov/Dec 2008.

Listen to and read my essay on voting for Weekend America's Conversations with America, November 1, 2008:

The March/April 2007 issue of Américas (which is published in both Spanish and English editions) has an article by Elizabeth Coonrod Martínez titled Julia Álvarez: Progenitor of a Movement. Another Américas article, "Julia Alvarez: Stories of Two Worlds," appeared in February 2001.

Latina Magazine, April 2004, featured an interview on my book of poems, The Woman I Kept To Myself.

"Beyond Words" in bookWOMEN, Oct-Nov. 2002, Vol. 7, No. 1, published by the BookWomen Center for Feminist Reading, Minnesota Women's Press, St. Paul, MN.

"The Truth According to Your Characters: An Interview with Julia Alvarez" by García Tabor, María and Sirias, Silvio, in Prairie Schooner, Summer 2000, pp. 151-154.

"Writing Her Book Of High Grace: Novelist/Poet Julia Alvarez Has Forged A Career Doing The Unexpected," y Vanessa E. Jones, Boston Globe, Wednesday, June 28, 2000.

Latina Self Portraits: Interviews With Contemporary Women Writers, edited by Juanita Heredia and Bridget A. Kevane (University of New Mexico Press, April 2000).

"Historiographic Metafiction in In the Time of the Butterflies," Dr. Isabel Zakrzewski Brown, in South Atlantic Review, Volume 64, Number 2, Spring 1999.

"Interview with Julia Alvarez," by Mark Chasar and Constance Pierce in Glimmer Train, Winter 1998, Issue 25.

"Singing Makes Everything Else Possible," an Interview with Julia Alvarez, River Styx, Number 53, Fall 1998.

Interview with, September 25, 1998

"A Clean Windshield: An Interview With Julia Alvarez," Bonnie Lyons and Bill Oliver, in Passion and Craft: Conversations with Notable Writers (Urbana & Chicago: University of Illinois Press, 1998).

"A Search for Identity in Julia Alvarez's How The García Girls Lost Their Accents," William Luis, in Dance Between Two Cultures: Latino Caribbean Literature Written in the United States (Nashville & London: Vanderbilt University Press, 1997).

"Memory Is Already The Story You Made Up About The Past: An Interview with Julia Alvarez," by Catherine Wiley, The Bloomsbury Review, March 1992.

"Traditional Form and the Living, Breathing American Poet," Fred Muratori. An essay on contemporary sonnets including my sonnet sequence, "33," in New England Review and Bread Loaf Quarterly, pp. 231-232, winter 1986.

If you'd like to schedule an interview, please contact my agent, Stuart Bernstein.

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