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Border of Lights
October 1-4, 2015

At border between Haiti & Dominican Republic

Virtual Vigil
Saturday, October 3, 2015
8 - 10 pm EST
Please join us!

Message from Julia
September 2, 2015

We will again be on the border between Haiti and the Dominican Republic for our annual BORDER OF LIGHTS gathering, Oct 1-4, 2015. Besides our vigil at the border towns of Dajabón and Ouanaminthe, we will also undertake a number of projects and educational venues with both communities, including stocking the kitchen at the orphanage in Ouanaminthe, painting the firehouse in Dajabón, holding an educational/informational forum/dialogue in the central park, a roundup town meeting with organizations and activists to serve as our closing session.

This year, more than ever with the deportation of Haitians and the denationalization challenge to Dominicans of Haitian descent, our annual BOL is more important than ever.

Consider making a donation to our KICKSTARTER campaign to help us with the projects outlined above.

ALso, join us for our VIRTUAL VIGIL on Saturday, October 3rd, 8 pm EST. It's a virtual way to be with those of us who will be at the border in real time. The more our presence "goes viral" the more pressure legislators and government officials will feel to change the Draconian laws and exclusionary policies towards those who are most vulnerable, helpless and poor in the Dominican Republic.

Border of Lights walk at the Border during the Vigil. Border of Lights, October 2014

Information on the Virtual Vigil and our on the ground activities will be posted on our FACEBOOK page.

Hoping for your support and grateful for your efforts to make change happen on this small troubled island. Maybe the island that gave the world the MARIPOSAS will again produce a "butterfly effect" and our efforts on one border/country/community will spread to many other troubled borders, countries, and communities around the world.

Personal Inspiration:
Rise Up, Brothers: A CD of Music by my friend Piti, available now as a CD and mp3s -- click for album summary
CD: Rise Up, Brothers

Visit our website:

Please be sure to follow us on Facebook:

Twitter handle for BOL is @border_oflights.

Our Kickstarter campaign goes through September 18, 2015.

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